Chex Centaur

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Chex Centaur
Species Alicentaur
Talent flicking herself with her tail makes her light enough to fly
Parents Chem and Xap
Marital Status\Mate Cheiron
Children\Offspring Che, Chelsy, and Cherish

Chex is one of the first alicentaurs. She was foaled in 1073 to Chem and Xap.

Chex did not know how to fly until she learned she could lighten herself or others by flicking herself with her tail. Cheiron married her after she learned how to fly in 1083. Her wedding was attended by many winged monster dignitaries and presided over by Simurgh. Unfortunately Chem, her dam, was not invited since Chem is not a winged monster.[1]

Chex and Cheiron have three foals. Che was foaled in 1085, and the twins Chelsy and Cherish in 1094.[2]


Chex is a major character in Vale of the Vole and Isle of View.

Minor character[edit]