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Millie is the wife of Jonathan and mother of Hiatus and Lacuna. Her talent is sex appeal.

When Millie was first introduced, she was a ghost at Castle Roogna. In a spur of the moment contest devised by Iris, Millie's body was found in the shape of a book by Bink. When the book was dunked into a bucket of healing elixir, she was brought back to life.

Millie became Dor's nanny and told him of her love for a zombie named Jonathan. Dor set out to restore Jonathan to Millie, so went back in time and met the younger Millie and the Zombie Master.

Millie had met and fallen in love with the Zombie Master. However, in a fit of jealousy, Vadne murdered her by turning her into a book. Her murder is why Jonathan committed suicide and became a zombie.

When Dor returned with the potion which would bring Jonathan back to life, he found out the Zombie Master was Jonathan.

During the adventure, it was found the Good Magician's Castle was on the site of Old Castle Zombie. Millie and Jonathan and their children, Hiatus and Lacuna, lived there for a while until New Castle Zombie was built.

Millie now lives on Zombie World with Jonathan.


Millie was a major character in Castle Roogna.

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