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Naldo is a naga and the son of Nabob, brother of Nada, husband of Melantha, and father of Nadine. Like most naga, he can shift his appearance between naga, human, and snake.

Because of the naga and goblin alliance, Naldo was ready to help Godiva in the possible war between the goblins of Goblin Mountain and the Winged monsters.[1]

Naldo was once the most eligible bachelor in Xanth. He was prepared to marry Ivy should she be brought by Draco When he married Melantha, he was no longer eligible.[2]

Naldo has three possible sons by Melantha on Ptero: Nigel and the twins Mourning and Knight.[3]

In Xanth Reality 6, he is married to Ivy and King of the Naga.


Minor character[edit]