Peter Crenshaw

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Peter Crenshaw
  Nationality  American  
  Gender  Male  
  Allies  Jupiter, Bob, his parents  
  Profession  Investigator  
  Affiliation  The Three Investigators  
  First Appearance  The Secret of Terror Castle.  
  Last Appearance  The Mystery of the Cranky Collector.  

Peter "Pete" Crenshaw was one of the three members of the titular detective firm, The Three Investigators, also including Jupiter Jones and Bob Andrews, and the Second Investigator. A physically active and muscular person, he was often assigned the more physical matters and demands of cases. He also had a keep sense of direction, an innate ability, that was useful in many occasions. He could find the directions of a place at night, whose directions Jupiter wouldn't be able to "find even in day".[1] His father was a special effects expert, working in Hollywood.

Being fairly timid, he was usually the first one to suggest abandoning the case and returning.[2] In spite of his timidness, however, he did frequently act brave. He was also annoyed by Jupiter's use of "long words", and often needed Bob's help in understanding them.[2]


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