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File:Grandpa Dracula.jpg
Grandpa Munster
Portrayed By Al Lewis, Howard Morton, Robert Morse, Sandy Baron, Eddie Izzard
Series The Munsters, The Munsters Today
Film(s) Munster, Go Home
The Munsters' Revenge
Here Come the Munsters
The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas
Gender Male
Status Undead
Race Vampire
Also Known As Count Dracula
Sam Dracula
Crackpot Mad Scientist Father
Cause of Death multiple deaths
Romances 137 romances
Unnamed Wife (deceased)
Katja Dracula (Wife; in The Munsters Today)
Son(s) Lester Dracula
Daughter(s) Marilyn's Mother
Other Family Eddie Munster (Grandson)
Marilyn Munster (Granddaughter)
Herman Munster (son-in-law)
Uncle George
Cousin Ronald
Cousin Phantom of the Opera
Uncle Garrett
Aunt Mina
Lily's Mermaid Cousin
Lily's grandmother
Cousin Humphrey
Uncle Boris
Yorga (brother)

Typically known as Grandpa, Count Vladimir "Sam" Dracula is a seemingly immortal vampire with extensive skills in magic and science. He was played by comedy actor Al Lewis.

Grandpa was born in Transylvania in the year 1367 and is more commonly known as Count Dracula, particularly in Transylvania whereas the rest of the world thinks of him as a literary character. he has been married several times and has several children, notably Lily Munster and Gilbert Dracula. He loves his daughter but is often times annoyed by his son-in-law Herman Munster, who he confesses he loves as a best friend. He is very old and personally knew several historical figures like Napoleon and Jack the Ripper, but he possibly exaggerates his age since he claims he also knew Nero, King Arthur, and Richard the Lionheart who predate his lifespan. He has personally been married 167 times over his entire lifetime. He has the ability to turn into a bat or wolf by using one of his pills that he invented although the effects of his spells are often unpredictable. He has his own laboratory converted from the cellar under the Munster Mansion.


He is an expert inventor, although many of his inventions tend to malfunction or explode leading Herman to call him "a crackpot mad scientist". He has a love for attractive women and cigars.


  • Change into a bat by singing a certain note. ("The Munsters' Revenge" TV Movie)
  • Create fire from fingertips, especially lighting his cigars. (seen in various episides)

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